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Reference Post_Ru: сайты и форумы, где есть ре-постинг и хотлинкинг арта

Jul. 13th, 2005 | 04:40 pm
posted by: painless_j in devil_advocates

Пожалуйста, оставляйте ссылки и описания в комментах под этим постом.

По следующей схеме:

URL и название сайта или форума.

Художники, чей арт вы заметили на сайте/форуме (желательны URL отдельных страниц)

Ре-пост без кредитов или хотлинк?

Ваши комментарии (если есть).

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Reference Post_Ru: Часто задаваемые вопросы

Jul. 11th, 2005 | 12:53 am
mood: determined
posted by: mimoletnoe in devil_advocates

Мы уверены, что в случае с российскими пользователями Интернета речь идет не о злом умысле, а о простом незнании, и поэтому все обвинения в «воровстве» чужой собственности являются несправедливыми. Мы также надеемся, что наше сообщество поможет разрешить возникающие в рамках этой темы вопросы и конфликтные ситуации, а также пояснить те практики, которые приняты за рубежом в отношении интернет-цитирования.

Хотлинкинг, сетевой этикет и ссылки на источникCollapse )

Вопросы, связанные с функционированием данного сообществаCollapse )

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Reference Post: Site Navigation Dictionary

Jul. 10th, 2005 | 11:17 pm
mood: accomplished
posted by: mimoletnoe in devil_advocates

A (Very) Concise Russian-English Forum Navigation Dictionary for HP Fan-artistsCollapse )

This dictionary is nothing but a starter toolkit, so this post is also the place to request translation of this or that unfamiliar Russian term you have come across at a Russian site or forum into English. Please, do not hesitate to ask for translation in comments!

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Piracy: Hogwartsnet.ru

Jul. 6th, 2005 | 05:55 pm
mood: busy
posted by: mimoletnoe in devil_advocates

Forum at Hogwartsnet.ru:

Hotlinking, no credits: yes, a lot

Re-posting, linking, no credits: almost all the time

Artists: sherant, lunulet,yukipon, flimsy, Kara, Gwyllion, Eneada, The Theban Band to name but a few

Comments: Yes, that was the forum that triggered the response. It might be interesting to know that </a></a>painless_j  has already issued a statement at this forum, to which one of the moderators replied:  Dear painless_j, a lot of people take pictures from other sites than the sites of the authors, and how do they trace the origin then? I understand the artists, of course, but it's not like our people take full credits for the artwork, they quite honestly state that they found the pictures. Unfortunately, such is Internet and it's really easy to take and not credit, but at least our people do not claim that they are the artists themselves. Thank you for telling off, though. I hope that people will be more careful around this issue in the future.


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Administrative Post: Note to the Artists

Jul. 6th, 2005 | 05:27 pm
mood: determined
posted by: mimoletnoe in devil_advocates

Dear Artists,

as you can see, in addition to what you are undoubtedly already doing to protect your artwork at your own sites, we propose to address the other side of the problem - the 'offenders'. We firmly believe that many of those people who have taken, reposted, hotlinked or otherwise abused your artwork did so because they did not realize the moral and, in some cases, financial implications of their actions. We also believe in talking to people and in explaining things in order to reach common understanding of what is appropriate and what is not.

So far, we have worked out the following scheme of action:

1) We will browse through ru-net in search of sites where people are engaged into fanart-piracy (4 sites already found). We will post brief info about each site in a separate post per site, providing with a direct link to the art-piracy instances, names of the artists whose art was taken and types of offences.

At this stage we are encouraging authors (those mentioned and others) to follow the link, identify their works and come back with a short report about each picture found, containing the following information:

- direct link to the forum tread/gallery where the picture is

- correct name of the picture

- correct name of the author

- correct link to the picture/artist gallery

- additional information about the image: comission art, challenge, gift, etc. (if applicable)

You can either reply with this information to the original post in this community or send an e-mail to da.ljcomm@gmail.com.

2) After we have gathered the information about the site/forum in question, we issue an equivalent of a C&D note to be sent to the site maintainer/forum moderator. The note will contain piracy examples, link to a thorough explanation of why exactly it's not really good to hotlink or not credit and a polite request to adjust the forum/site rules accordingly.

3) In case of positive response (they change rules, fix previous mistakes and watch so that does not happen again) we report success.

4) In case of negative response we start addressing individual site/forum users one by one with similar C&D notes tailored for each specific case.

5) We report about the results and launch the next project.

Well, this is the plan. Of course, it will take time, and of course, you will still have to protect your art in other ways (you might find it useful to check out our links for more information), but we know that in case of success the benefits for each side are quite beyond the fandom.

From Russia with love,

mimoletnoe  and painless_j



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