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Piracy: Hogwartsnet.ru

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Jul. 6th, 2005 | 05:55 pm
mood: busy
posted by: mimoletnoe in devil_advocates

Forum at Hogwartsnet.ru:

Hotlinking, no credits: yes, a lot

Re-posting, linking, no credits: almost all the time

Artists: sherant, lunulet,yukipon, flimsy, Kara, Gwyllion, Eneada, The Theban Band to name but a few

Comments: Yes, that was the forum that triggered the response. It might be interesting to know that </a></a>painless_j  has already issued a statement at this forum, to which one of the moderators replied:  Dear painless_j, a lot of people take pictures from other sites than the sites of the authors, and how do they trace the origin then? I understand the artists, of course, but it's not like our people take full credits for the artwork, they quite honestly state that they found the pictures. Unfortunately, such is Internet and it's really easy to take and not credit, but at least our people do not claim that they are the artists themselves. Thank you for telling off, though. I hope that people will be more careful around this issue in the future.


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